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Maintenance (608) 797-4291
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Emergency Maintenance

After Hours: (5pm-8AM)
Tom Eagan (608)

If Tom does not answer, call:
Nikki Biondo: Cell 608-797-0203
Pat Biondo: Cell 608-797-4291
If you are unable to reach us in a REASONABLE amount of time and there is a situation that will cause damage to the building or your property, you may try the following.

(1) Fire Alarm (Call 911 Immediately)
After the fire department has determined there is no fire or the alarm was pulled accidentally call the above Emergency contacts to reset the alarm.

(2) Plumbing Emergency
Remember that there are water valves by sinks and toilets. Turn them off if you need to. There are also main water supplies to the building with shut-off valves.
Bernie Buchner Plumbing & Heating 608-784-9000
Buchner Brothers Plumbing 782-7458

(3) Electrical Emergency
Electrical problems are sometimes simple to cure. If lights go out in a certain area check the breaker to see if it has been tripped. If there is anything that may cause a fire or electrical sparking call the fire department.
Wettsteins @ 608-796-7818 (listen to after-hours contact information)

(4) Heating
If There is not sufficient heat or no heat call immediately.
Schneider Heating & Cooling 782-4035

(5) Locked out of Apartment or Bedroom
Call the emergency contacts listed above or call American Lock and and pay them accordingly. (608)782-7777

(6) Parking (Someone took your spot)
Don’s Towing & Repair 24 hour service 608-784-5872 (No Charge to you)

(7) General Maintenance & Repair
E-mail your request to: biondorentals.com


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